Questions / answers on business telephony

No contractual duration commitment is required to take advantage of our offers and prices.

An AR letter is required and upon receipt of this letter, it will take 30 days.

Yes, we will still have to ensure that the local network is up to standard standards, that is to say computer cabling of category 5E at least is required.

Yes, you can use the same RJ45 network point. All our phones have a built-in switch. We will connect the computer network cable to the telephone switch and then the telephone to the local network, network to the socket, RJ45 network.

Yes, we can keep and carry all your landline numbers for free.

The switchboard includes all of the corporate telephony services, a private and dedicated xDSL line is provided by us and included in the price of € 29.90 excl.

The switchboard is installed, hosted and configured by TELYO, you can access the functionality of your telephony on the internet. The telephones are sent to you configured, you just have to connect them to the desktop of each user. A dedicated team will assist you to make your installation easy, simple and above all efficient.

Yes it is possible, for a flat rate of 299 € / HT for 10 users, our technician / installer comes and performs the installation in your premises.

Yes, all telephone sets supplied by TELYO are guaranteed for 1 year against hardware and software malfunction, excluding voluntary or involuntary material damage.